Metaverse Explained: What Does It Mean?

This refers to virtual reality that lets users in different parts of the world interact with one another, play, and work. It enables users to connect through a virtual universe. Though some of the aspects of metaverse exist today, it is estimated to be here in the next five to ten years.

Since the internet was introduced, users have been interacting through a chat program, game, or website. All these can connect you to other people located in different regions of the world. Though the internet has made things easier, the metaverse is better since it can give you a more realistic experience. Here is more!

Introduction to Metaverse

This term was originally coined by Neal Stephenson in a novel known as Snow Crash. He referred to metaverse as a 3D virtual world occupied by avatars of actual people. Over the years, many have been coming up with their own definitions of this concept.

Metaverse combines different technological elements such as virtual reality, video, and augmented reality. It allows users to experience a digital universe. Through metaverse, users can play, work and even connect with others through conferences and concerts.

They can also take trips virtually to different parts of the globe. Users of metaverse can even possess different items between sessions. For instance, metaverse can allow users to purchase or rent a plot just like in the actual world.

Users can also trade property in the metaverse. People need connected glasses or headsets to experience the metaverse. According to Mark Zuckerberg, metaverse could get here in the next ten years. Some of the aspects of it, however, exist. This includes things such as virtual reality and fast broadband speeds.

The virtual world contains an avatar that represents one’s persona. Metaverse is social in that it involves lots of people represented as avatars. While some of the avatars are bots, others are virtual agents.

metaverse examples

Examples Of Metaverse

Some of the things happening in the current world are likely to shape the metaverse in the future. The metaverse concept has been expanding over time. This is not a trend that will be forgotten after some time.

It is likely to evolve into something immersive over time. The metaverse is not a single product that one company can create alone. Here are a few examples of it.


This refers to the tech giant that was initially referred to as Facebook. Meta has been making investments in virtual reality. For instance, in 2012, it acquired Oculus. This tech giant envisions a world where users can connect using virtual reality headsets.

Mark Zuckerberg refers to Meta as an internet that you can be inside of rather than simply looking at. He believes that metaverse can make the internet more immersive. This will help people engage across social, work, and education contexts.


This is also another example of metaverse since it uses holograms. The software giant has also been developing extended reality applications with its Mesh platform. This combines virtual reality, augmented reality with the real world. Microsoft also has plans to create 3D virtual spaces for workplaces and retail.

Epic Games

Many companies in the video gaming industry want to build a metaverse, and Epic Games is no exception. Epic Games acquired Harmonix to create musical journeys for Fortnite. According to the CEO, Epic aims at building a virtual future where users can enjoy powerful games and more immersive experiences. It also held concerts for famous artists such as Travis Scott and Arianna Grande.


Since this platform was founded in 2004, it has been providing great user-generated games. It gives users a chance to build homes. The company even partnered with a shoe company to develop a virtual skateboarding park. In Vans World, players can wear Vans gear and purchase accessories and clothing.


This is another virtual universe that many kids like. Microsoft owns Minecraft. It allows players to create digital characters and build what they want. Anyone can come up with a Minecraft world. Users can create this world on their laptops and invite others to join. This metaverse also gives users a chance to make money off it. Minecraft has millions of active users every month.

The Future of the Metaverse

This concept of the metaverse is spreading across the globe. According to tech experts, metaverse will take some time to get here. Though some of the aspects of metaverse already exist, the vision of metaverse is futuristic.

The technology required to support metaverse fully is not something that everyone can access yet. Though metaverse is still in its infancy, it could be a game-changer in the next five to ten years. Experts believe that metaverse portrays the future of the internet. This concept will change how people interact online and even how different brands advertise and market their services.

Here is a summary of the elements of technology that make up the metaverse

Virtual reality

This is an immersive experience where users put on headsets to see the digital world.

Augmented reality

The digital overlay that is projected on the actual world

Mixed reality

This combines elements of both augmented and virtual reality.


Metaverse is a more immersive version of the internet. This is rendered by augmented or virtual reality technology. It gives people the chance to socialize with others and feel as if they are with them. You can explore the virtual world using a gaming console, computer, wearable technology, or mobile device. The concept of metaverse will soon become a reality in a few years.


Can metaverse replace the internet?

No. Metaverse cannot replace the internet, but it can make it better. It is an upgraded version where users can have better experiences that they cannot do on a 2D webpage or app.

Why is metaverse beneficial?

This can give users a sense of presence. It helps one physically engage with people and places rather than simply watching them via a window.

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