Metaverse Examples -(Fully Explained)

Some Metaverse examples include Ready Player One, Fortnite Concerts, Augmented Reality, Facebook’s Horizon, and the Sandbox.

Some people like to view metaverse as the internet one is inside of. It promises a world full of possibilities. Here is more!

What is Metaverse?

This refers to a shared virtual space that was introduced in 2003. Back then, the original version was known as Second Life. Metaverse is a virtual universe that gives users access to avatars. Digital avatars give users a chance to live in the digital world. People in the metaverse get a chance to connect with their friends and trade digital assets.

Metaverse also gives users the chance to experience virtual trips to various digital locations. This virtual world is viewed as an extension of the physical world. Metaverse runs on a digital economy that is powered by cryptocurrencies. 

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Metaverse Examples

You can access the metaverse in different ways. Here are a few metaverse examples.

Ready player one

This is a science fiction novel written by Ernest Cline. It can give you a clear pitcher of what metaverse could work and look like. The novel is set in 2045. It is about a certain group of people that escape a real world full of calamities such as climate change, poverty, and war. These people turn to the OASIS, an online simulation game that has its own virtual world.

OASIS gives them a chance to engage with other gamers, play games, shop, and even visit different locations. It is an exciting world that gives gamers are chance to be anyone they desire.

Facebook has plans to create its own OASIS version known as Facebook Horizon. Users have the chance to access the virtual world through the Oculus Quest 2 headgear. In this digital world, one can play, create, explore, and even engage with other players. Within the virtual world, people can live an alternate life different from actual reality.

Fortnite Concerts

Though this began as a simple game, it is now bigger since it offers more diverse experiences that gamers enjoy.  Fortnite Concerts gives players a chance to create their own virtual worlds and even take on adventures. It gives players a chance to crossplay with others in the community.

This game is accessible through various platforms like mobile phones, PlayStation, and PC. It allows players to hang out and allows them to attend different in-game concerts that have different artists such as Marshmello, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott.  Fortnite Concerts is a virtual space that interconnects music, players, and celebrities.

Augmented Reality

This combines overlaid digital augmentations with real-world elements. Augmented Reality can be seen through devices such as your phone’s camera or AR glasses. It is often used in navigation and games. For instance, using AR glasses, you can see a dragon on a car.

One of the popular applications of Augmented Reality technology is Pokémon Go. This allows players to find, fight against and even capture Pokémon that shows up in the real world through a phone camera.

Besides gaming applications, certain navigation systems also use Augmented Reality. Google’s AR allows users to explore the real world using this technology. It allows users to make the most out of their devices and offers a more immersive experience. For instance, Google Maps contains a live view function that can help you explore a certain area.

Augmented Reality is also used in Google Search in that it allows one to play 3D objects in their own space. AR is also used in football games, historical sites, and education in the real world.

Second Life

This online world allows users to come up with digital avatars to interact with others and explore the world. Second Life even allows users to trade services and goods through its in-ward currency known as Linden Dollar.

We mentioned that this is the initial version of the metaverse. It has existed since the 2000s and still gives users a chance to discover more regarding metaverse.

Facebook’s Horizon

This is also another example of the metaverse. Facebook has been planning to position itself towards Metaverse with Horizon for a while now. It even announced its rebranding to Meta. Meta refers to a social technology company whose mission is to bring metaverse to life. According to Facebook, Horizon is a social experience that can give users a chance to play, create and explore with others in VR.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox refers to a virtual metaverse that allows users to build and play in virtual worlds. Users of the Sandbox can also monetize and own their in-game experience. This virtual metaverse also allows users to sell and buy assets and land with non-fungible tokens. These are virtual tokens minted on a blockchain. The Sandbox, therefore, gives users real digital ownership of their in-game assets.

A Summary of Metaverse Examples

Ready Player One

This is a science-based novel that clearly portrays how metaverse could look like.
It is set in 2045, where people find escape to the OASIS, an online simulation game.

Fortnite Concerts

This game allows players to come up with their own worlds and take on adventures. They can even attend various in-game concerts.

Second Life

The online world gives users a chance to come up with digital avatars and explore the world.

The Sandbox

The virtual metaverse allows users to build virtual worlds and monetize game experiences.

Augmented Reality

This is the technological development that includes overlaid digital augmentations and real-world elements.


Metaverse is gradually becoming a reality due to its amazing possibilities. It has managed to make its way into various aspects of our lives through real-world applications, movies, and games. This is slowly leveraging the internet and giving users a more digital immersive experience.


How can people start exploring the virtual world?

This can be explored through various avenues like mobile phones, wearable technology, and computers.

Can metaverse replace the internet?

No. This is not possible. Metaverse can, however, change the face of the internet as it continues evolving.



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